Our mission

We aim at rescuing companies, businesses and individuals to prevent liquidation and / or sequestration.

Financially sound solutions

Enco Business and Financial Administrators employs a professional and dedicated team which is able to handle all aspects of business recovery and insolvency with empathy.


About Enco

We at Enco Business and Financial Administrators are experts in the culture of turnaround, business and individual financial rescue. Not all financial problems experienced by companies, businesses and individuals are necessary "terminal". Financial difficulties are normally experienced in companies and businesses in their early years. Financial difficulty is often identified as short term which could be overcome if experts assist in reorganizing finances, operations and management. It is always better to try to avoid liquidation or sequestration and seek advice from Enco Business and Financial Administrators prior to instigating any action. Call us now for advice on (012) 996-1043.

For some individuals, companies and businesses there are still alternative positive options which may not have been considered as the "effected" company or individual may be too close to the problem to "see the wood from the trees". Enco Business and Financial Administrators always seek to find alternatives, for our views are that any form of insolvency can create long term damage to "effected entity's" future financial credibility.

Enco Business and Financial Administrators have five partners and are complimented with a professionally qualified and dedicated turnaround and business rescue team, trained to manage delicate issues with empathy. We possess many years in-depth experience and have managed a broad cross section of industry and service sector businesses with commercial aptitude.

Our particular strengths include specialist mediation and negotiation techniques. Enco Business and Financial Administrators' record of investigating and handling the financial affairs of insolvent or potentially insolvent seems to outrun us. All this is matched by our quality and service commitment.